Project Aware

Project Aware

Location: Luton, England
Demographic: young people aged 13-21
Delivery setting: communities
Years active: 2016 – present
Keywords: drug education; NPS; legal highs; communities

Creating safer, more resilient communities

Project Aware aims to create drug aware communities and young people so that they are able to stay safe from drugs, including new and emerging drugs. Project Aware is an Angelus programme based in Luton focused on working with individuals and community groups to ensure they are aware of new and emerging drugs so that they can take action to stay safe and reduce harm.

The Angelus Foundation, founded in 2009, focused on raising awareness of the dangers of new psychoactive substances, otherwise known as ‘legal highs’. Angelus merged with Mentor in October 2016 – read more about the merger here.

Project Aware visits schools, colleges, universities and community events to raise awareness around the risks of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS), formerly known as “legal highs.”

What the project provides

Educational workshops

Project Aware delivers workshops on NPS (new psychoactive substances). These workshops are offered at three different levels and can be tailored to meet individual school requirements. These workshops could be suitable for integration into a PHSE programme or a Health and Wellbeing event.

Professional training

We also provide pofessional training sessions for those working directly with people who may be affected by NPS, as well as health professionals, teachers and others who would like education around NPS. These training sessions can be tailored to best support the needs of the organisation.

Youth Ambassador Programme

The Project Aware Youth Ambassador Programme aims to equip young people with the skills to enable them to provide peer to peer support and raise awareness about NPS in their schools and communities.

Literature and visual resources

Angelus has a range of literature on NPS, including handbooks for young people and parents, information leaflets, films and two websites, and, which provide information, advice and guidance on NPS.

Information points

Project Aware provides an opportunity for people to engage with Angelus, where the team can answer questions regarding NPS and provide information and resources. We have held information points at schools, colleges, universities, community venues and community events such as the Luton Carnival.

Youth Ambassadors

Mentor Youth Ambassadors in Luton attended a 6-week programme of filmmaking workshops and are currently making a short awareness film with us to help spread the word about the dangers of NPS in their community.


Find out more

To bring Project Aware to your organisation or area, please contact Jamila Boughelaf:

Tel: 020 7553 9920