Corporate Programmes

Corporate partnerships play an important role in helping us expand our work and inspire young people. By bringing one of Mentor's programmes into your company, you can help us support more children and young people and provide them with valuable education.

There are many ways your company can get involved with Mentor – below you can find out more about our Career Inspiration Days.

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Career Inspiration Days


The Career Inspiration (CI) Day allows our corporate partners to offer students the opportunity to learn about a wide range of professions through a personal, interactive experience.

Groups of 10-12 employees volunteer their time to become CI Mentors, spending half a day at a local secondary school. these employees address small groups of students for approximately 20 minutes at a time. CI Mentors share their stories with students, giving insight into their professions and answering questions the students may have. The session ends with some free time to mingle as a group, during which students may approach individual CI Mentors and ask more questions.

Value for young people

Young people can find the transition from school to the workforce overwhelming – decisions made during these years can have a profound effect on future career prospects. Many teenagers experience stress, anxiety and low self-esteem during this time as they feel the pressure to make decisions about their adult lives. Providing inspiration and motivation for learning are important protective factors against feelings of stress and isolation.

The CI programme aims to address these issues by introducing professionals who have found success in many different ways. Connecting young people with CI Mentors from diverse industries and careers helps to:

Inspire young people to think differently about their futures
Introduce young people to new professions and industries
Motivate young people to reflect on their own interests and aspirations
Support young people in making informed decisions about the future

Value for partners

Corporate volunteers who have participated in Career Inspiration days led by Mentor in other countries have found it to be extremely rewarding. These events aim to:

Increase staff pride and appreciation within your company
Develop employees’ skills and volunteer experience
Attract new employees
Strengthen your company’s reputation in the community
Deepen customer appreciation and loyalty

Inspire the next generation of business leaders!


A NOTE ABOUT MENTOR’S ETHICAL POLICY regarding the alcohol industry

Mentor will consider, on a case by case basis, partnerships with all organisations who share our aims, including the alcohol industry. We will not consider or accept funding or other support from sources, whether commercial or otherwise, which would compromise in any way the independence of our decision making, project delivery, evaluation or reporting or any other issue.