How we do it

At Mentor, we take a holistic approach to preventing the misuse of alcohol and drugs. We work closely with partners in the public, private, voluntary and independent sectors to provide community-based support for children and the adults in their lives.

Our approach is rooted in building young people’s resilience, helping them develop the life skills they need in order to negotiate challenging situations. We provide children and young people with age-appropriate knowledge and skills coupled with positive health values to help them build the self-confidence to make their own decisions.

Our work is based on the best international scientific evidence, helping to create a future generation of resilient young people equipped to thrive in the modern world.

Our work is concentrated in three key areas:


Building our evidence base of ‘what works’ in prevention is vital to ensuring our work is effective, and underpins all that we do. Mentor developed ADEPIS, the leading source of alcohol and drug education resources for schools, and now maintains the CAYT repository of impact studies of evidence-based programmes.


At the heart of our work are the evidence-based programmes that we deliver in a variety of settings for different groups of young people, as well as the adults in their lives. We run programmes both independently and in partnership with organisations across England and Scotland.


As the UK’s leading voice in drug and alcohol prevention, we often contribute to or are referenced in drug and alcohol policies in the UK. We also conduct policy analysis and research, which informs our blogs, and lead national campaigns.