Why you should register your school as ‘early adopter’ for PSHE requirements

Government department is looking for trailblazers to start teaching PSHE education requirements this autumn

28 March 2019 | News

While the Department for Education awaits for the approval of compulsory Relationship and Sex Education and Health Education, they are calling on schools to become early adopters by running the curriculum in September 2019. The aim of the programme is to co-develop training schemes and make improvements on the current delivery and best practices.

What’s in it for you?

The department is proposing in participation with the programme:

  • Receiving advanced drafts of support material
  • Having a say in how training is structured for teachers nationwide
  • Attending a national conference free-of-charge, which will include workshops, networking opportunities and access to national experts
  • Guiding the DfE in how they can best support schools to teach new requirements effectively and develop best practice

Schools can register to become an early adopter now by filling in their details here.

An update on the statutory guidance for the delivery can be found here.