Home Office funds Mentor UK alcohol and drug prevention scheme

We are excited to announce Real-Life Skills in Blackpool - an alcohol and drug prevention programme involving the local community, teachers, peer-to-peer learning and giving over 140 kids the confidence to make healthy choices.

4 December 2018 | News

Mentor UK have been given a great opportunity to pilot Real-Life Skills in Blackpool, an alcohol and drug prevention programme, helping over 140 children improve their understanding of harms surrounding substance misuse, while learning strategies to navigate their emotional responses to issues that can lead to impulsive risk-taking behaviour.

We are heartened to work with the local community to help build on their existing services, especially in an area where economic hardship has hit resources – and also consider how the young people may be affected by these additional challenges.

Real-Life Skills will adopt a peer-to-peer learning process with young people from the local area to assist in the delivery of the programme, which will help make the experience more familiar for young people in a learning environment.

Evidence shows that approaches to drug and alcohol prevention that aim to help young people develop social competencies and develop a strong self-concept are most likely to increase protective influences and effect positive behavioural change.