We all have a story to share #MyTeenageMe

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5 November 2018 | Mentor News

Teenager’s brains undergo significant growth and development during adolescence. Just as this is happening, they also face increasing responsibilities and the pressure of big life decisions that can impact their future.

The #MyTeenageMe campaign invites everyone to share of photo of their teenage-self on social media and write a post about issues they confronted at this stage of their life. Think of it as an act of compassion and solidarity for young people today.

Can you remember a significant person in your life that checked in with you, supported you and listened? Was there someone or something that made a difference? At Mentor UK we want all children, regardless of their background, to have support and guidance to help them reach their full potential.

Real words from young people

We spoke to teenagers involved in our Bottle Project – a drug and alcohol peer education programme for young people aged 15-18 and asked them about how the pressures of adolescence can sometimes make them feel. Here’s what some of them said:


The Bottle Project gives at-risk young people a safe space to explore the issues that are important to them without fear of being judged, and some of those have shared their experience of this programme:

This is one of many programmes Mentor UK provides to help prevent young people misusing alcohol and drugs, as well as support for parents and guardians, and providing resources for teachers and other professionals working with young children.

The #MyTeenageMe campaign aims to draw attention to how important support can be through asking people to reflect on and share their own experiences. Join in and let young people dealing with the changes and pressures of adolescence know you are thinking about them.


Kate Holley, 33 years-old, Mentor UK’s Communication Officer

Here I am 16. Home life was stressful but luckily I had a tutor who noticed I was struggling. I didn’t ask for help, but he kept an eye on me. Thanks to him I made it to university. #MyTeenageMe