Smoking, drinking and drug use trends among young people in England

An updated overview of smoking, drinking and drug use trends and perceptions among young people in England.

18 April 2017 | News

Updated resource gives overview of drug use data for young people and tips for effective school-based drug education

The provision of quality alcohol and drug education is essential for allowing children and young people to become healthy adults capable of making informed decisions and avoiding harms.

As we know from years of research, effective alcohol and drug education has to do more than simply provide information about drugs and their effects. It should build pupils’ resilience to risks and key life skills such as critical thinking, coping with emotions, asking for help and resisting peer pressure.

Good alcohol and drug education develops pupils’ knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to enable them to live safely in our society. It is most effective when combined with programmes that address social norms and other risky behaviours that are common in adolescence, as well as other wider measures, such as a supportive school environment and clear school rules.

We have refreshed our ‘Smoking, drinking and drug use among young people’ resource to include the most recently available data from 2016. Click the image below to access the updated resource:

Resources for planning effective drugs education

Before planning your alcohol and drug education curriculum, get the facts!

The links below will guide you in answering key questions that will help you develop age-appropriate lessons around alcohol and drugs education: