NPS & VSA All-Party Parliamentary Group website launched

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for New Psychoactive Substances and Volatile Substance Abuse has launched its website.

23 March 2017 | Policy

In May 2016, the Psychoactive Substances Act was passed which outlawed the sale, supply, production and importation of these substances. The legislation had an immediate impact on the supply from high street shops as well as online. The Act also superseded the Intoxicating Substances Supply Act 1985, the legislation, which previously regulated the sale of volatile substances.  ​​

During the passage of the Bill through Parliament, the Government committed to holding a statutory review of the Act to be completed in November 2018.​

The purpose of this newly formed All-Party Parliamentary Group is to help monitor the issues and challenges which remain. Witnesses requested to give evidence will highlighted where the legislation has been successful and where more focus needs applying to residual problems. The Group’s findings will be captured on this website and fed back to policy-makers.​

The co-chairs are David Burrowes MP and David Hanson MP.

Areas of Investigation:​

  • NPS in Criminal Justice System e.g. prisons
  • Impact on the Homeless
  • Provision of treatment for dependence
  • Intelligence on street and internet supply
  • Enforcement against suppliers
  • Awareness campaigns
  • Education and prevention
  • Research gaps

Visit the website: