Unplugged case study published

Community Links, a London-based charity working to support local families, young people and adults, has published a case study of Unplugged as an example of an 'early action success story'.

31 August 2016 | Research

Community Links, a London-based charity working to support young people, adults and families in East London, has published a case study on Mentor’s pilot of the life-skills programme Unplugged.

Community Links works in partnership with local and national government to solve the problems affecting communities. As part of their work, they look at promising programmes being trialled and delivered across London as well as influencing policy and communication around the importance of early action. The Early Action Taskforce, convened by Community Links in 2011 and chaired by David Robinson, has published several reports and briefings, including One Hundred Days for Early Action: Time for Government to put prevention firsta document that provided both a call to action and practical guidance for the new government in 2015.

Other success stories featured on the Community Links web site include: programmes that help parents support their children transitioning from primary to secondary school; homelessness prevention; health and social care for older people; support for young people with complex needs; early action on mental health; workplace wellbeing and mentoring programmes.

Read the Unplugged case study here.