Barnet pupils earn £250 for Mentor in school competition

We are delighted to share the news that a group of pupils from Whitefield School in Barnet have raised £250 for Mentor with a project created as part of First Give's school programme "Live to Give".

26 July 2016 | Mentor News

A group of students from Whitefield School in Barnet have won £250 for Mentor with a presentation they delivered as part of a First Give programme called “Live to Give”.

First Give is an educational school programme designed to “help young people give their time and talent to improve their community”. Year 9 students at Whitefield School took part in the programme through their PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) curriculum.

According to Assistant Headteacher Mumin Humayun, First Give is “an amazing experience for all the students and staff involved. Students had the opportunity to develop key skills – working in teams, independent research, presentation skills – which they will continue to use in life”.

Students were expected to study social issues that exist within their local communities, and form teams to develop research skills to find out about these charities. Students would then pick a charity to support, learn how to make a professional phone call and call their charity to arrange a visit. The final stage of the project involved the winning group from each form presenting their charity to a group of judges, who then awarded the prizes: £1,000 for first place, and two runner-up prizes of £250.

 Three year 9 students – Luke Brown, Anthony Joshua and Fernando Abreu – wanted to focus on charities working with young people, particularly on issues such as alcohol and drug misuse. “This was an area they felt was not given the publicity it needed, and that many young people who are affected by alcohol and drug misuse do not always get the support they need,” said Humayun. “They came across Mentor UK following some Internet research, and decided to support it as their chosen charity.”

As part of the project, the students created a short video as part of their 5 minute presentation. They were also given a ‘presentation skills’ workshop by First Give, which ensured the students could deliver a professional final pitch to judges.The group delivered their presentations on July 14th, earning a runner-up spot for themselves and £250 for Mentor.

First Give provided some fantastic resources and our students showed what they are really capable of when given the chance to shine. As a result of the programme, students and staff are now more informed of the work of Mentor UK, and we hope to continue to promote the health and well-being of children and young people in order to prevent alcohol and drug misuse.

Assistant Headteacher Mumin Humayun

We are so impressed with these pupils’ hard work and commitment to positive social action. After the summer holidays, we hope to visit them at the school and hear what they’ve been up to since the project ended.

Watch this space!