Mentor Webinar Series

Mentor is offering a series of webinars on topics relating to alcohol and drugs education, prevention and building resilience to risks in children and young people. Here you can view recordings of previous webinars as well as details of upcoming sessions.

28 May 2015 | Mentor News

Mentor is the UK’s leading voice in the field of prevention, bringing together the best in international scientific research and on-the-ground practice to develop evidence-based programmes as well as informational resources on alcohol and drug prevention for schools, carers and practitioners working with children and young people in formal and informal educational settings.

In these webinar sessions, we explore different topics relating to alcohol and drug education, prevention and building resilience to risks among children and young people.

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Session 1 – Building a community of practice around prevention #mws

Date: Tuesday 12 May 2015

The Department for Education recently announced one of their key priorities is to encourage the development of well-rounded young people with character, resilience and grit. Teachers, carers and practitioners working with children can all agree: an investment in young people is an investment in the future, and it’s up to us to support them and help them develop the skills they need for success.

In this session, we were joined by Mentor’s Director of Programmes Simon Claridge to hear more about the importance of building a community of practice around prevention.

Session 2 – Connecting resilience and learning behaviours for success #gbguk

Date: Tuesday 26th May 2015

At Mentor, we advocate a holistic approach to building children and young people’s resilience to risk to empower them to make positive choices that support their physical, mental and social well-being as they transition into adulthood.

Effective social development programmes not only help to increase attachment to school and improve academic performance, but also improve children and young people’s social skills, reducing aggressive and disruptive behaviour in and outside the classroom.

We were joined again by our Director of Programmes Simon Claridge to learn more about the upcoming UK trial of the Good Behaviour Game, a proven classroom management and intervention strategy with over 40 years of positive results in international settings.

Session 3 – What works: why we value evidence-based practice #mws03

Date: Thursday 25 June 2015

We know that prevention works – and over the last two decades, Mentor has demonstrated the effectiveness of a range of programmes and approaches. If we invest in evidence-based drug prevention, we can empower young people to make the most of opportunities and ensure that our children grow up free from the harms of drugs and alcohol.

Jamila Boughelaf, Project Manager for Mentor ADEPIS, and Jade Forester, Marketing & Communications Officer for Mentor, shared more about why we place evidence at the heart of Mentor’s work. We will discuss the complexities of identifying ‘risks,’ a range of evidence-based prevention methods, and the recent integration of the CAYT repository into ADEPIS.