Our patron

Lord Benjamin Mancroft

Lord Mancroft was a Mentor Trustee between 2001 and 2016, serving as Chair from 2001 to 2004. He entered the House of Lords in 1987 and was elected in 1997 as a Hereditary Peer. He contributes regularly to Lords debates on drug use and addiction. Lord Mancroft has supported many charities over the years: he has served as the Patron for the Addiction Recovery Foundation (2006-2014), Chairman of the Drug and Alcohol Foundation (1994-2005) and Deputy Chairman of the Phoenix House Housing Association (1991-1996).

Lord Mancroft has contributed to several All-Party Parliamentary Groups, including those for Drug Misuse (since 1988) and for Betting, Gaming & Lotteries (since 2005). He is also a member of numerous Select Committees, Trade Associations, Political Organisations and commercial groups.

Now, as Mentor’s patron, Lord Mancroft promotes Mentor’s work on prevention in Parliament, at fundraising events and conferences.

Lord Mancroft speaking at the House of Lords during the Mentor-Angelus merger celebration event.