Archived project resources

This is an archive of Mentor projects completed prior to 2012. For more recent programme information and available resources, please see Recently Completed Projects.


Completed in 2011

BME and Rural Community Alcohol Project

Keywords: BME; Scotland; alcohol; communities

This project aimed to improve the evidence around alcohol prevention projects with young people from black and minority ethnic (BME) and rural backgrounds.


BME and Rural Community Alcohol Project Report (719.8 KB)

EU Kinship Carers

Keywords: kinship care; Europe; families

The EU Kinship Carers Project aimed to improve prevention programmes for children living with kinship carers, protecting these vulnerable young people from harms relating to alcohol and drug use. Our report focuses on the specific needs of kinship care families in Scotland, informed by the Forgotten Families projet (details below).


Scottish Kinship Carers Project Report (442.1 KB)

EU Kinship Carers Resource and Training Pack (1.5 MB)

Forgotten Families

Keywords: kinship care; Europe; families

Forgotten Families aimed to share good practice in supporting kinship carers to prevent substance related harm to young people. As a result of what Mentor uncovered about the needs of kinship carers and the gaps in service provision, Mentor developed the Families Together programme, supporting 180 vulnerable kinship care families in Edinburgh and the Lothians and to help build sustainable self-support networks. 


Family Group Checklist (185.7 KB)

Staff Training Pack (409.4 KB)

Training Scenarios (181.0 KB)

Service Assessment Tool (367.4 KB)

Literature Review [updated 2010] (1.3 MB)

Peer Education Alcohol Project

Keywords: alcohol; peer education; Scotland

The two-year Peer Education Alcohol Project was delivered across Scotland to young people at serious risk of alcohol misuse, and showed that peer education is an effective way of changing young people’s attitudes to alcohol.


Peer Education Alcohol Project Report (908.7 KB)

Completed in 2010

CHAMP Awards

Keywords: alcohol; schools; education; awards scheme

The biennial CHAMP Awards (promoting Children’s Health through Alcohol Misuse Prevention) were launched in 2006, running until 2010. They were set up to recognise and promote excellence in the provision of alcohol misuse prevention activities with primary school children in England, Scotland and Wales.


CHAMP Awards press release [2010] (52.0 KB)

Completed in 2008

Mentor Youth Involvement Project

Keywords: youth engagement; prevention; policy

As part of this two-year project, Mentor consulted with young people across the UK about substance misuse prevention issues with the aim of getting them involved in the development of drug policy and consultation.


Mentor Youth Involvement Project Report (538.2 KB)

Mentor Youth - Feedback on drug strategy consultation [November 2007] (1.1 MB)

Muslim Youth Involvement Project

Keywords: youth engagement; prevention; Muslim community

This project aimed to address policy makers' poor understanding of the needs and views of young Muslims regarding drug issues. Mentor and Right Start Foundation brought together 30 young Muslims aged 12-18 from Birmingham and Tower Hamlets to explore their views and develop an understanding of how to work with young people from the Muslim community. 


Muslim Youth Involvement Project Evaluation (679.8 KB)

Completed in 2007

Grandparents Project

Keywords: kinship care; families; Scotland

Mentor's Grandparents Project was developed in collaboration with Adfam and Grandparents Plus to assess the needs of grandparents who are bringing up their grandchildren as kinship carers, so that they can help protect them from developing problems with alcohol or drugs.


Mind the Gap - Grandparents Project Report (823.4 KB)

Grandparents Project Report - Appendices (151.9 KB)

Conference Report (153.5 KB)

Mapping Exercise (442.4 KB)

Completed in 2005

Custodial Grandparents: Literature Review

Keywords: kinship care; grandparents; families

Carried out in 2005 as part of a wider project to explore and try to meet the needs of grandparent carers and the children in their care, this review focuses on grandparents in full-time care of their grandchildren including research related to the physical, mental and social health of custodial grandparents, the challenges presented by children and adolescents raised by grandparents, and research on positive interventions.


Grandparents in Custodial Care of their Grandchildren: A Literature Review (101.5 KB)

Coastal and Ex-Mining Areas Project

Keywords: deprivation; poverty; CEMA; complex needs; risks; youth

The aim of the Coastal and Ex-Mining Areas Project (CEMA) project was to improve the evidence base on undertaking drug prevention initiatives with young people in coastal and ex-mining areas. The intention was to pilot intervention models, undertaken by existing organisations in specifically selected coastal or ex-mining communities. This project provided an opportunity to share the learning from these more isolated communities with others in ways they can adapt to their own settings.


CEMA Project Report (278.3 KB)

CEMA Evaluation (413.5 KB)

CEMA Literature Review (611.6 KB)

Completed in 2004

Rural Youth Project

Keywords: deprivation; poverty; rural communities; youth; risks

Mentor received funding to evaluate promising drug prevention initiatives and prevention materials targeting children and young people in rural areas over 15 months in 2003-2004. In partnership with the Department of Health and more than 30 local agencies, Mentor trained and supported four rural young people's reference groups to enable young people to assist in the evaluation of current substance misuse prevention efforts in Suffolk, North Yorkshire, Cornwall and Wales. 


Rural Youth Project Report (1.1 MB)