Prevention resources for parents and carers

family.jpg Parents and carers play a vital role in keeping children safe from drugs and alcohol, but it can be difficult to know how to approach the subject, or whether you're talking about it "the right way" with your child(ren).

Lots of parents and carers worry about keeping up with the latest information on drugs, setting a good example for their children and helping them develop stategies for the challenges they may face as they grow up.

Below is a collection of resources designed to help parents and carers, including kinship carers, navigate these difficult topics and support the young people they care for.


Resources for all parents and carers

Drug prevention for parents

This guide from Mentor International brings together some of the best evidence-based advice and guidance from a range of leading organisations worldwide that work to prevent substance abuse in the home, school and community.

Mentor International: drug prevention for parents (907.1 KB)


Talking to children about legal highs and club drugs

This handbook was developed by Adfam and the Angelus Foundation to help inform and support parents and carers in talking to their children about New Psychoactive Substances (NPS or so-called 'legal highs').

Click here to access Talking to children about legal highs and club drugs: a parent's handbook.


Young people's recommendations

Learn what young people think parents' roles are in alcohol and drug education in this document from participants in our London Youth Involvement Project:

Safer At Home - recommendations for parents (493.3 KB)


Drug and alcohol factsheets

The Australian Drug Foundation has an excellent collection of free online resources:


Resources for grandparents and kinship carers

Kinship Care Guide for England

Click here to access the Kinship Care Guide for England.


Kinship Care Guide for Scotland

Click here to access the Kinship Care Guide for Scotland.


Mind the Gap - Grandparents Project video series


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