Prevention resources for community settings

community.jpg As well as their homes and schools, young people's communities play an important role in building their resilience and preventing substance misuse. Practitioners working in alcohol and drug education and prevention can benefit from the evidence base we have built as well as the free resources available from ADEPIS.

Here you will find resources developed to support professionals working in community and nonformal settings to support young people and their families with alcohol and drug education and prevention services.

This includes youth workers, family support staff and professionals working with kinship carers, as well as the police.

Resources for kinship care professionals

Resource pack for professionals working with kinship carers 

This resource pack was designed to support professionals working with kinship care families and organisations wishing to offer further training to kinship care support workers.

Family Group Checklist (185.7 KB)

Service Assessment Tool (367.4 KB)

Glossary of Terms (50.7 KB)

Needs Assessment Report (548.1 KB)

Project Literature Review (645.6 KB)

Key Findings (666.4 KB)

Training Resources (346.1 KB)

Training Scenarios (107.5 KB)


Needs assessment & support for kinship carers in Scotland

Scottish Kinship Carers Project Report: Needs & Support (442.1 KB)


Resources for youth and family support workers

Making alcohol and drug education inclusive

When delivering alcohol and drug education in multicultural settings, including classrooms or community environments, you will need to tackle sensitive issues. Not all young people are comfortable discussing certain topics, and some parents are reluctant to allow their children to explore certain themes.

This briefing paper outlines key requirements to ensure the delivery of culturally sensitive alcohol and drug education in a classroom or community setting.

Click to access Making it Inclusive: Alcohol and drug education in multicultural settings [July 2014]

Involving families affected by substance use

This document contains relevant learning on how schools can enhance alcohol and drug education using any sort of visitor, focusing particularly on contributions from families affected by substance use: for example, a parent whose child experienced problems with alcohol or drugs. This resource aims to help schools and families to accrue benefits and avoid mistakes in collaborating to deliver alcohol and drug education.

Click to access Involving families affected by substance use in alcohol and drug education [November 2014]

Supporting children affected by substance use at home

Substance use can impact the lives of young people in many ways, especially if they are affected by problematic alcohol or drug use in their own homes. The following resource was developed primarily for schools, but may also be useful in certain informal or community settings. Its aim is to summarise the key issues for children affected by parental substance use, and how schools can consider supporting them.

Click to access Identifying and supporting children affected by parental substance misuse [November 2013]

Drug and Alcohol Prevention: Intergenerational factors and the role of the family

This briefing paper from Adfam examines the role that families play – or can play – in drug and alcohol prevention, and the significance of intergenerational risk. In particular, the briefing focuses on familial influence, including the risk of intergenerational transmission and how we can help facilitate the family's role in prevention, as well as the benefits of early intervention and a consideration of good practice

Click to access Drug and Alcohol Prevention: Intergenerational factors and the role of the family [February 2015]

Drug and alcohol factsheets

The Australian Drug Foundation has an excellent collection of free online resources:

Resources for police

Young people's recommendations

Learn what young people think the police's role is in alcohol and drug education in this document from participants in our London Youth Involvement Project:

Safer On The Streets - recommendations for police (565.3 KB)


Resources to facilitate youth involvement

Youth involvement resource pack

This resource pack was developed based on the findings of Mentor's London Youth Involvement Project, and was designed to help other organisations and individuals working in youth involvement and prevention.

Youth Involvement Toolkit (2.5 MB)

Sample Recruitment Flyer (279.8 KB)

Sample Conference Evaluation Forms (651.5 KB)

Sample Project Forms - consent forms etc. (1.2 MB)

Research Ethics (492.0 KB)

Risk Assessment Template (1.5 MB)

Sample Activities (706.3 KB)

Sample Logic Model (218.6 KB)

Evidencing Participation (147.0 KB)


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