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Mentor runs evidence-based projects on a variety of topics and for different groups of young people, and the adults in their lives. We deliver programmes in England and Scotland, both independently and in partnership with other organisations. See current programmes here.

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Completed in 2016


Keywords: schools; PRUs; secondary education; alcohol and drug education; life skills; PSHE; social norms

Mentor delivered a pilot of the life-skills based prevention programme Unplugged in secondary schools and Pupil Referral Units in Blackpool and Salford as well as the Greater Manchester area.

Early Help Model for Kinship Care

Keywords: kinship care; training; practitioners; community

Mentor worked in partnership with a consortium of organisations to develop the Early Help Model for Kinship Care that trained professionals working with kinship carers to help them access the right support at the right time.

Completed in 2015


Keywords: schools; parental substance use; training

Mentor was commissioned early in 2014 to evaluate M-PACT Plus, a project which involves training and supporting school staff to enable them to identify children affected by parental drug and alcohol misuse.


M-PACT Plus Final Evaluation Report (835.7 KB)

Boys and Girls PLUS

Keywords: alcohol and drug education; youth; schools; life skills; Europe

Building on the work of the European 'Boys and Girls' video web series, Boys and Girls PLUS aims to raise awareness of drugs and related risks among European young people, as well as provide youth educators with complementary tools to use in drug prevention programmes.


Boys and Girls PLUS information pack (300.8 KB)

Relative Support

Keywords: kinship care; Scotland

Mentor's report on the needs and experiences of Scottish kinship carers was the first stage in its strategic partnership with government to improve outcomes for children in kinship care.


Relative Support Project Report (350.8 KB)

Relative Support Summary (279.2 KB)

Youth Insight

Keywords: youth engagement; policy; leadership; PSHE

Youth Insight was a two-year project aimed at offering practical support for London-based policy organisations to help them more effectively involve young people in policy development and implementation.

Completed in 2013

Alcohol & Youth Offending

Keywords: youth offending; alcohol; public health

This 12-month study, a joint project between Mentor and Alcohol Concern, aimed to research the links between alcohol use and criminal activity amongst young Londoners receiving non-custodial court sentences. Quantitative data from 388 young offenders was analysed and in depth interviews and 16 young men and three young women offenders (average age 16) were interviewed.


Demon Drink - Alcohol & Youth Offending Project Report (1.2 MB)

Demon Drink - Summary Infographic (2.7 MB)

London Youth Involvement Project

Keywords: youth engagement; policy; leadership

LYIP aimed to research effective ways to place young people’s voices at the heart of debates around drug and alcohol prevention. Drawing on Mentor’s extensive experience in youth participation, this ambitious three-year championed the right of young people to be heard and highlighted just how essential it is to listen to the very people we aim to prevent coming to harm from drugs and alcohol.


LYIP Project Report (2.4 MB)

LYIP Evaluation Report (420.7 KB)

Youth Involvement Toolkit (2.5 MB)

Safer At Home - recommendations for parents (493.3 KB)

Safer At School - recommendations for schools (561.5 KB)

Safer On The Streets - recommendations for police (565.3 KB)

Completed in 2012

Street Talk

Keywords: youth; drugs; alcohol; anti-social behaviour; risk; technology 

Street Talk was a pioneering national partnership between Mentor and Addaction, funded by the Home Office. Over an intensive six-month period, Street Talk trained more than 150 youth workers across England who then screened 2,196 young people and delivered over 800 interventions aiming to reduce alcohol and drug misuse and related anti-social behaviour.

Street Talk used an innovative data capture method – a specially designed Android app integrating screening, evaluation and intervention into one package. 


Street Talk Project Report (665.7 KB)

Street Talk Project Evaluation (2.1 MB)

Street Talk Project Evaluation - Executive Summary (495.0 KB)

Street Talk News [Dec 2011] (770.2 KB)

Street Talk News [Feb 2012] (741.7 KB)

Powerpoint - Street Talk Overview (170.3 KB)

Powerpoint - Street Talk Findings (586.9 KB)

Powerpoint - Street Talk Evaluation (3.5 MB)

Drug Education Forum

Keywords: alcohol and drug education; policy; research

The Drug Education Forum was funded by the Department of Education between 1995 and 2012 (managed by Mentor from 2005) to inform and improve drug education in England. 


Briefing papers [March 2012]:

The principles of good drug education (81.1 KB)

Principles for supporting drug education (83.4 KB)

Beyond the lesson plan (168.1 KB)

Engaging parents in drug education in schools and in the community (169.7 KB)

Learning from life skills programmes in drug education (157.5 KB)

Legal Highs (162.7 KB)

Archived blog:

Completed prior to 2012

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