Youth Insight

Location: London
Demographic: young people aged 15-18
Delivery setting: communities
Years active: 2013 – 2015
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Keywords: youth engagement; policy; London


What is Youth Insight?

Launched in November 2013, Youth Insight was a two-year project solely funded by the City Bridge Trust to offer practical support for London based policy organisations to more effectively involve young people in policy development and implementation. Its aim was to embed best practice so that there would be a legacy of youth involvement long after the project ends.

Youth Insight came from the belief that youth-focused policies are more likely to be effective if young people are part of the process and that young people should be involved in decisions that are made about their lives. Many organisations want to involve young people but evidence shows that it can be a challenge. We believe this comes down to simple know-how – something that Youth Insight was set up to provide.

A project run by young people

 Central to the project is that it was delivered in partnership with a group of highly skilled, competent and focused young adults aged 15-18 who call themselves Youth Insight Advisers. This group was fundamental to the project and carried out the majority of the project’s activities that support policy making organisations such as research and consultation. This was a ground breaking initiative, never attempted before, and we worked with a team of academics who evaluated the impact that the project had on organisations, individuals and the young people involved.

We hope to produce a best practice guide to involving young people in policy which we can share with all policy making organisations and take it to scale on a national level.

In a country that prides itself on its democracy, it does not add up that young peoples' views are represented solely by adults.

Youth Insight Adviser

Who do we work with?

We aimed to work with organisations that have responsibility for pan-London policy in relation to drug and alcohol harm prevention, particularly in the region of health, crime and housing associations to support policy development. To date we have worked with a number of exciting organisations, including the NHS and PSHE Association. We highly value collaborating and partnering with other agencies and believe this is not only key to the development of the project but will also be integral to its ultimate success. We are always happy to hear from people who are keen to get together and innovate.

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Youth Involvement Toolkit (2.5 MB)

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