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Free regional ADEPIS seminar: Effekt

Sept. 8, 2015

[PROGRAMMES] Mentor ADEPIS is determined to bring evidence-based practice to mainstream education. We will do this through the delivery of free regional seminars exploring CAYT quality assessed programmes. We are pleased to announce that our second seminar will look at the Effekt  programme, developed in Sweden, and will take place on Wednesday 7 October 2015.

New funding shows that family matters

Aug. 28, 2015

[PROGRAMMES] Mentor Scotland has been awarded £488,614 by the Big Lottery Investing in Communities fund to continue its work with kinship care families in Scotland. Over the next three years 500 families across three regions will have access to a range of targeted support, and Mentor can expand their work supporting kinship carers for another three years.

Smoking, drinking and drug use: new trends and what they mean

July 29, 2015

[CEO BLOG] Michael O'Toole shares his thoughts on he latest instalment of the Health and Social Care Information Centre's (HSCIC) ongoing survey of young people, released last week. This year's report confirms the continuation of a number of positive trends, highlights areas for improvement, and, for the first time, provides useful insight into the scale of the NPS problem among young people.

Dealing with 'legal highs' requires more than legislation

June 15, 2015

[POLICY] The government’s headline Psychoactive Substances Bill attracted criticism earlier this week when it was debated in the House of Lords. Mentor believes that evidence-based drug prevention and education represent the most effective means of ensuring that our children and young people grow up free from the harms of drugs – including NPS. Although the Bill suggests the government share this overall aim, the focus on legislation will likely lead to more resources being channelled into enforcement at a time when we need to improve prevention at a national level.

Families Together: DIY SOS

June 9, 2015

[PROGRAMMES] The Families Together team came together to help a kinship care family who are forced to hurriedly move into a new house in desperate need of refurbishment. In one hectic weekend, the Families Together project manager Liz and Family Support Worker Yvonne rallied the support of the community to enable the family to start their new life with a fresh lick of paint.

New kinship care project embodies Mentor's approach

June 2, 2015

[CEO BLOG] Mentor is embarking on an important new project that seeks to change the way that we support kinship care families in England. In partnership with a consortium of charities, comprising Grandparents Plus, 4Children and the Child Bereavement Network, we will develop an Early Help Model to improve outcomes for children in kinship care.

Mentor Webinar Series

May 28, 2015

[MENTOR NEWS] Mentor is offering a series of webinars on topics relating to alcohol and drugs education, prevention and building resilience to risks in children and young people. Here you can view recordings of previous webinars as well as details of upcoming sessions.

Youth drinking in Scotland: a call to action for educators

April 24, 2015

[SCOTLAND] Mentor Scotland responds to the youth drinking "scandal" exposed by the Daily Record, revealing that schools in Scotland suspended or expelled two pupils per day in 2013-14, arguing that these reports serve as a timely reminder of the enduring challenge presented by youth alcohol and drug misuse as politicians lay out their election priorities for May.